Bear Paw Presentations

Larry Kaniut provides group presentations. He is happy to accommodate your interests and can tailor his presentation to the specific needs of your group. See rates below. Also see Public Schedule page.

Please e-mail or call (907) 345-1475 for scheduling.

Having a bachelor's degree in English-literature and a master's in education enabled Larry to teach English-reading for 27 years in public schools, emphasizing writing. He coached a number of sports and greatly enjoyed both students and athletes. Having a wonderful wife since 1964 and three grown children and five grandchildren have been a source of constant joy and inspiration for him.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, he languished in the great outdoors before moving to Alaska in 1966, where he engaged in claming, fishing, hiking, hunting, photography and flying.

From 1983 through 2004 Larry compiled six adventure-survival books, a booklet of Alaskan terminology and one color-activity book. Topics of his books in progress include adventure-survival, bears, parenting, outdoor cartoons and individual freedom.

Over the years Larry has given numerous presentations on a variety of subjects, focusing on the writing process, bear nature, bear avoidance and mauling survival, publishing, research (gathering information and the interview), storytelling, success and survival.

He encourages group participation, involves the audience in demonstrations and revels in the question and answer periods, wishing to maximize the group's time. Groups ranging in age from elementary through seniors give Kaniut high marks. He has great rapport with school kids and all ages greatly enjoy his books and presentations.

In his presentations he uses visual aids (such as slides, galleys and writing notebooks) and provides handouts.

The writing process
Various topics include:

1) Getting started;
2) The writer's experience, source of ideas and individual skills;
3) The slant or angle for writing the piece;
4) Editing and revising your work;
5) The writer's motivation;
6) His getting published;
7) Advice to writers and prospective writers and
8) The rewards of your efforts.
A list of helpful books and sources is provided.

Bear nature
In general this presentation covers:
1) Alaska bears/types; and
2) Their nature, habits and characteristics.
Handouts on bear recognition and characteristics are provided.

Bear avoidance & mauling survival
It is essential for the outdoorsman to enjoy his experience. In order to reduce human and bear injury and to return from the outing with a pleasurable experience, it is helpful to have knowledge of bear nature and information on avoiding a serious confrontation with the ursus tribe. I discuss:
1) Alaska bear types;
2) Their nature, behavior and characteristics;
3) Attacks (causes and statistics);
4) Advice for safe passage in bear country (attitude, preparation, knowledge, deterrents, partner, First Aid, communication, attack) and
5) Weaponry.
Handouts on bear recognition, characteristics and advice provided.

Some of the information Larry shares:
1) The writer;
2) The publisher;
3) The agent (how to procure one and the advantages and disadvantages of having one);
4) Self-publishing;
5) Resources;
6) My experience;
7) Advice and writing as a career.

Gathering information validates the story. Subjects of concern are:

1) Sources (their credibility);
2) Motivation of the researcher;
3) The story (relevance, value, format);
4) The interview (explain purpose, materials needed, conducting and courtesy);
5) Ethics;
6) Transcribing;
7) Cost;
8) (Overcoming) Obstacles and
9) Exhausting process.

Story telling
The components of story telling are the story, the story teller and story telling. An essential element includes the determination of whether it's a good story (ingredients, evolution of a story, essential considerations and good writing).
1) Story ingredients;
2) Story teller;
3) Story telling (word selection, voice, timing, props, frosting).

Success (differentiating the anatomy of a winner and victory)
In sports and in life we find that success is the result of ability and perspiration. To attain a level above success, victory, requires surrender. I provide the thoroughly researched concepts necessary to succeed in the presentation of the "winner." Going beyond "winning" I discuss the necessary components to victorious living on a daily basis.

There is much to be practiced in the art of survival. A helpful acronym for survival is CAMP SAFE because it includes most of the components for surviving the wilderness experience. I enumerate each "letter" of the acronym and provide other information and stories to supplement the presentation.
1) Best tool is between your ears;
2) Know yourself, your environment, your partner and your equipment;
3) Preparation;
4) Communication;
5) Common sense;
6) Buddy system;
7) Mental preparation;
8) Wilderness; and the
9) Unexpected.

Numerous groups Larry has worked with include:

• Alaska Children's Services
• Adult community school classes
• Alaska Miner's Association
• Anchorage Prospector's Club
• Church groups and Christian small groups
• Colleges
• Cub Scouts
• Elementary, middle and junior high schools (Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Wyoming)
• High schools (Washington, Colorado, Oregon, California, Texas)
• Libraries
• Men's groups
• Senior citizens
• Service organizations
• Rotary
• Sororities (Alpha Delta Kappa, Delta Kappa Gamma)
• Teacher In-service
• Workshops
• Anchorage Young Writers Conference (Anchorage)
• Anchorage Gifted Writing Conference (Anchorage)
• Career Seminars
• Eagle River Christian Academy
• George Inlet Lodge, Ketchikan, AK
• Sportsman's shows
• Society of Prof. Journalists
• Tourists (APU, Princess Tours, REI)
• Western States Affiliate (AAEYC)
• Young Writer's Conference (Kenai, AK)
• Young Writer's and Illustrator's Olympics (Eagle River)

Fund raisers
• Camp Challenge, Alaska
• Teen Challenge fund raiser 2000

Larry is available for interviews, has done live remote broadcasts from such places as floral shops for special occasions like Father's Day and has appeared on Good Morning America and the G. Gordon Liddy Show.

Please e-mail or call (907) 345-1475 for availability, scheduling and current rates.

Larry's books are being considered for Braille and audio versions, with ebooks in progress.