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Alaska Stories

Alaska Bear Tales
Pub. 1984 / 317pp
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Alaska Bear Tales has been in print since 1983, reprinted nearly every year!!

Alaska Bear Tales captures man's struggle for survival in a bear's jaws. In Alaska this life or death situation includes black, brown/grizzly and polar bears. Larry Kaniut chronicles bear-man encounters from false charge through fatality, interviewing not only the victim of the bear's wrath, but also the rescuer, spouse, family member and doctor. Kaniut's intent was to present enough encounters to warn the reader to be careful in bear country.

In addition to the bear's nature and characteristics, this comprehensive book covers weaponry, humor, nuisance animals, rules, "ursulaneous" and advice for bear mauling avoidance. A rich annotated bibliography is worth the price of the book. Other features include letters and personal diaries. This is a must read for anyone who loves bears, travels in bear country or loves adventure of the highest order.

"Alaska Bear Tales will plant hairy tracks a foot long in readers' memories and leave them hearing things in the brush and looking over their shoulders every time they step out of the house."
-- The Homer News

"This is a book full of stories that will keep the reader from putting the book down until the last page has been turned."
-- The Indianapolis News

"...Kaniut succeeds in making the point that bears are not bad. They simply are what they are--fascinating, powerful and often unpredictable, vengeful when injured and protective of their young and their turf. In other words, not unlike us."

Table of Contents

• Introduction - 1
• The Brownie (Grizzly) is Big and Tough - 5
• They'll Attack Without Warning - 17
• They're Unpredictable - 29
• Some Will Charge, Some Will Bluff - 45
• They'll Really Maul You - 57
• They Will Kill - 81
• Which Is The Tougher? - 101
• "Come Quick! I'm Being Eaten by a Bear!" - 113
• A Boy is Blinded - 125
• Nanook--The Ice Bear - 135
• Some Are Plain Nuisances -145

Alaska Stories

• They Can Be Funny -167
• Some Tales Are Odd, Some Are Just Tall -183
• Bows, Slingshots and Boomsticks -207
• You Do A Lot Of Thinking - 223
• What The Doctors Say - 237
• A Few Rules--Plenty of Caution and Common Sense - 249
• Some Final Advice - 277
• Ursulaneous - 287
• The Bear's Future In Alaska -297
• Alaskan Bear Harvest Reports - 303
• Bibliography - 305
• Index - 314

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