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Cheating Death

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Alaska Stories

Cheating Death
Pub. 1994 / 174pp
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Cheating Death recaptures 18 adventures in Alaska's wild including whitewater, fishing--both sports and commercial, aviation, mountain climbing, dog mushing, moose goring and a bear that saves its hunters, a deep sea diver and a giant octopus and a lost hunter. You'll thrill to the adventure between these pages.

The heroes of Cheating Death are ordinary people suddenly thrust into desperate and dramatic peril. Readers may ask: “How would I do in the same situation?  Would I measure up?  Would I have the strength and resourcefulness to survive?”  The reassuring answer is that the toughest tests seem to bring out the best response; people rise to meet the danger.

Fisherman Hank Elmore knew that the icy waters of Cook Inlet could kill him in less than an hour, but as he swam from a sinking boat, his thoughts focused only on survival. Sonie Blackwell believed she was going to die as water filled the cockpit of her crashed plane, but she kept fighting. Dave Nyman stubbornly refused to be beaten by a series of avalanches that battered him and his climbing partner.

As remarkable as Alaska is, the people whose stories are told in this book are more remarkable yet. Their experiences are an inspiring testimony to the bravery and resilience of the human spirit.

"...the overall message is one of hope and survival against incredible odds...both entertaining and inspiring."
-- Sports Etc. magazine
"All 18 episodes roil the blood and chill the imagination. Yet beyond the unrelieved grimness of the book, one savors the triumph and giddiness of survival when survival seems out of the question."
-- General Aviation News & Flyer

Table of Contents

• Acknowledgements - xi
• Locator Map - xii-xiii
• Introduction - xv
• In the Knick of Time - 1
• Madness in the Bay - 9
• Death Played Tag - 15
• The Jaws of Death - 27
• On Giant Seas - 39
• Underwater Coffin - 49
• On the Horns of a Bull - 57
• The Lure of Devils Canyon - 69

Alaska Stories

• Saved by a Bear - 79
• Thee Fateful Days - 87
• Seventy Feet Below - 99
• Left and Lost - 105
• The Sand, the Wind, and the Waves - 115
• Precious Cargo - 125
• Twenty-Nine Hours -131
• He Drew Me Out of Deep Waters - 139
• At the Rivers Mercy - 147
• Take Too Long and Die - 163
• Bibliography - 17

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