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  • "Alaska Bear Tales will plant hairy tracks a foot long in readers' memories and leave them hearing things in the brush and looking over their shoulders every time they step out of the house."
    - The Homer News

  • "Last night I invited my wife to the hot tub to soak and talk but NO she was too busy reading Danger Stalks the Land! Congratulations on another fantastic book."
    - Tom Smith, biologist USGS

    "By far [Danger Stalks the Land] is Larry Kaniut's best book.'
    - reader Ernest W. Hedrick
  • Is this book [More Alaska Bear Tales] exciting ? Does a bear sh*t in the woods ? This book, a couple of bears (and a couple of beers) is all one needs for some great reedin'. It kept me occupied while I await the release of Fox's "When Animals Attack IV". It kept me up all night, and I ain't takin' Viagra neither.
    - Albert Worthington, Aldie, Virginia
  • "This [Bear Tales for the Ages] was the best book I have ever read...I couldn't put it down. My wife was threatening to hide it from me. Can't wait to get the next one!"
    - Jim Sutton
  • "Some Bears Kill is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read...your books are better than anything on TV. FASCINATING. I'm one of your biggest fans. Just keep them coming."
    - Spencer Ward
  • "All 18 episodes [Cheating Death] roil the blood and chill the imagination. Yet beyond the unrelieved grimness of the book, one savors the triumph and giddiness of survival when survival seems out of the question."
    - Cliff Cernick
  • I purchased this book [Danger Stalks the Land] as I like to read about TRUE life adventures. This book will not disappoint. I cringed with a couple of the stories as they are true and one wonders how human beings can survive sometimes. Definitely worth purchasing. I am going to see about other books by this author. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.
    - Dee from Gary, Indiana
  • After my 2 trips to Alaska (3 months RV, and then a cruise) I really enjoyed reading this book [Cheating Death] and discovering even deeper the wild and dangerous side of Alaska. Kept me reading, and was hard to put down. I finished reading the book in 2 days and shared it with my neighbors. I actually went on the Boat Adventure from Talkeetna, AK, as we were in the class 4 rapids - the owner went further - as it describes in the book, and after meeting him, this inspired me to buy the book.
    - Loretta Savary
  • [Cheating Death] Intriguing and unique. Well written and foretold. Larry Kaniut is a master of his craft at developing his books into something you wouldn't want to put down.
    -Aaron White, OH
  • I still have nightmares after reading this book. I go to Alaska every couple of years, and you better believe I never go anywhere unarmed while I'm in bear country. This book [More Alaska Bear Tales] will make you understand why.
    - Criss Morgan
  • "This book [Alaska Bear Tales] is full of stories that will keep the reader from putting the book down until the last page has been turned."
    - The Indianapolis News
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Alaska Bear Tales

Update 2020: The Original "Alaska Bear Tales" is now available in ebook format, readable via an Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, PC or Mac.
Kaniut Kreations

Be sure to check out Kaniut Kreations! There are many products available featuring Kaniut originals, most of which are inspired by the great state of Alaska. Many more products and artwork are soon to come, so keep checking!
Some Bears Kill

More Alaska Bear Tales is available on ebook. | Some Bears Killis also available in ebook at Amazon Kindle, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, PC or Mac.